So you need help with the WebNotes application? Below is a list of frequently asked question, that will proabably answer your question. If your problem is not on the list, please contact me at: roli.r00li@gmail.com and I will respond as soon as possible.

1. What is WebNotes?
WebNotes is a service that stores your notes on the internet, so you can access them from anywhere where you have internet connection. You can also sync your notes with a mobile device running the WebNotes app.

2. How does the sync process work?
The whole sync process is realy simple. You enter your account details on your mobile device and press the sync button. The notes created on the internet will be copied to the device and the notes created on the device, will be copied to the internet. If you delete or modify the note on one end, the note will be deleted or modified on the other end too.

3. Which devices can sync notes with WebNotes service?
Currently, you can sync your notes with any iOS device running iOS 4.0 or later. You can run the WebNotes application on the ipad as an iphone application.
Support for other devices (running Windows Phone and/or Android) will be included in the later versions.

4. What do I have to pay for WebNotes? Is there a subscription fee?
WebNotes web service is completely free to use for anyone. There are no subscription fees. If you want to sync your notes with a device, you need to buy the mobile application from the application store for your platform.

5. How do I setup sync on my iPhone/iPod/...?
First, you need to register a free account on webnotes.r00li.com. After that, open your mobile application and tap settings. Then enter your username and password, that you have chosen during the registration. After you tap save, you can use the application. Simply tap the sync all button and all the notes from the web service will be synced with your device.

6. What does the auto sync option do?
The auto sync option, automatically syncs all the notes when you finish editing your note on the device, or when you delete or create a new note. It is turned off by default to lower the data usage. If this option is turned off, you need to press the sync all button on the main screen to sync your notes.

7. Do I have to register on a website to use the mobile application?
If you don't register for a free account, you won't be able to sync your notes with the website. But you will still be able to use the app as a standard notepad.

8. I want to switch to a different account.
To switch to a different account, go to settings and select the 'Delete all local data' option. This will erase all data from the device (not from the website). Then simply enter the other username and password.

9. Do I have to be connected to the internet when using the mobile application? Is the data stored locally or online?
No! All the data is stored locally on the device and on the website. When you sync your notes, the data is copied from or to the device.

10. How are the notes sorted?
The notes are sorted by the date when they were created / modified, from the newest note to the oldest.

11. Help! My older note has replaced a new one! Why are notes sorted incorrectly?
The application uses server and device time to sync the notes. Incorrectly set date and time can lead to problems during sync. To fix the problem, set the correct date and time on your device (also do not forget to set the correct timezone). If you can't do that, then do not edit a note on a website and then on the device before at least a few minutes passes.

12. Is the data transfer between a mobile device and a web service encrypted?
No! You should never store passwords or credit card information in the notes, because the notes can be intercepted during the sync process.